The Last Alchemist Book Two – Smugglers Cave


The Last Alchemist Book Two – Smugglers Cave


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I am Neebus of Nareath, if you have read the pages I have bound so far, perhaps you will read on. There was peace between Nerran and Nareath, but none for me. I returned to Nerran, and love, but could not stay. The prince sought to possess me and so, through my art, Neebus the Nareathian was laid to rest and Tanner Idron the Nerran came to walk in his shoes.

The alchemy decree did not serve the people, but we still wished to. We joined together to spread the benefits of alchemy across the land, but the prince would call it smuggling. We risked our lives in its service. For a time we thrived and had joy in the conception of a child.

Then, in service of the land, the owner of its heart tried to end the prince’s tyranny but failed. His anger was powerful and in his rage he became king. There was no safe haven for me then, even Tanner became a wanted man. Many were taken or lost in what followed, and none of those dear to me were spared the cull. But for the kindness of a simple man, I too would have been lost.

In the aftermath I returned to my love and we fled. War was on our heels, and although we burnt its progress, we knew when the flames died down it would come for us again; it would come to Nareath. At least now the land would have warning, but what could it do against Nerran’s might, and what would it cost.


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